Climb To Empower

On Sunday October 19th, Kevin Slaughter and I climbed (ran and walked every other aisle) 10,000 steps at Chicago Public School’s largest high school football stadium, Hanson Stadium. I walked up and down 240 aisles of 42 steps, the equivalent of 24 football fields of aisles.

Fortunately, it was a chilly morning, 42 degrees, so we didn’t sweat too much. We started at 7 am and finished right before the high school football team was about to start practice. The entire climb lasted 2 hours and 38 minutes. I wonder if I made the Guinness Book of World Records. By the end, my quads and calves were burning and the event was a huge success.

Why 10,000 stairs?

Two new skyscrapers, currently under construction, will forever change Chicago’s famous skyline. The Trump Tower is estimated to rise 92 stories and 1,360 feet. The Chicago Spire will be 115 stories and 2,000 feet when completed. These two structures will stand amid the most famous of Chicago’s buildings: the John Hancock Center, the Aon Center, and the Sears Tower. Together, these five skyscrapers measure over 7,000 feet, 500 stories, and encompass approximately 10,000 stairs.


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